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I am the grandfather of Stephanie and Taylor Walsh and have been attending their dance recitals from when they started dancing and I must say, this past Saturday was the best dance recital that I have ever attended.  When it comes to dance studios, your studio is definitely "second to none"   All the best to you and all your dancers.  

~ Dan Percoco

Dear Karen, Michelle, Charon, and all the assistants,

Congrats on a great recital and dance year. It was so engaging it even kept Hunter, who as you know is usually all over the place, in his seat for an entire two hours, listening to the music and watching the dances. Our whole family cried at the senior's last dance, even Katia's dad. And as last year, the rehearsal ran much more smoothly than any tech I've ever been in.

Thanks, too, for another wonderful year of dance. Katia had a great time in pre-ballet again. As you can probably tell, Katia is a bit shy. Despite how quiet she is in class, she really enjoys her weekly dance class and considers herself a dancer. In fact, she seems so shy and quiet, I don't think anyone would guess she has been asking to get on stage for weeks was thrilled to be in the theater as much as possible yesterday. Between the rehearsal and the recital, instead of napping like she was supposed to be doing, she played "dance", telling imaginary dancers where to stand and how to do steps and making them line up to get on stage.

Katia was also very proud to take part in the finale. While sitting on my lap after her first dance, Katia's foot fell asleep. She kept saying it was too sore to walk and that she had to be carried backstage. When I asked if she wanted to skip the finale, she said "No! They can't do it without me, can they? They need me!" And off she went. Even though she was one of the littlest dancers for the final dance, she felt very very important, which shows, once again, what a really great job you do making sure each student feels valued and a part of something special. (Her dad cried seeing her up there having so much fun, too).

Thanks again,

See you in a few weeks for camp.

Kirsten (and Katia, Ron, and Hunter)

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