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Studio Dance Attire

Hair: All students ages 8 & up must have hair in a bun for all classes except Acrobatics and hip-hop. A Ponytail is required for Acrobatics and Hip-hop. Ponytails are required for all classes ages 7 & under.

Leotards: Leotards in the color of your choice and tights must be worn to dance class. No shirts may be worn over leotards. Pants are not allowed in Ballet, Tap, Lyrical and Acrobatics classes. Tight dance pants may be worn in Jazz and Hip-hop classes only. 

Ballet Skirts: To eliminate distractions in class we are no longer allowing leotards with attached skirts for all classes. Students may wear the ballet skirts sold by us only with a leotard. Skirts are not required.

Dance Shorts: Most students like to wear dance shorts over leotards for class. Appropriate shorts are available at the studio to purchase. Students will not be allowed to wear shorts that are not approved by our staff.

Revolution brand slippers only are accepted for Ballet classes. Revolution brand slip-on Jazz shoes only are accepted for Jazz and Hip-Hop classes. Hip-hop class are allowed to wear Revolution Brand Dance sneaker or Jazz shoe and tight fitting tank tops with dance pants or dance shorts. All tap classes must wear Revolution suntan U-shell or slip-on tap shoes. Hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail for all dance classes. Female students ages 10 & up are required to wear sports bras under leotards. Sports bras are for safety and proper support. Boys age 12 & up are required to wear dance belts under dance attire for safety and proper support. For more information on dance belts please see Karen.
Click here for more shoe info

Hip-Hop Dancewear:

Shoes: Black slip on Jazz shoes or Black Dance sneaker sold by us only.

Attire: more relaxed street clothes are allowed for hip-hop. We allow tank tops, shorts, or pants. No jeans or denim shorts please. Sweatshirts are not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate clothing or over sized clothing.


Recital Policy - To provide the best quality show possible students are not allowed to miss more than one class during the last 6 weeks of the dance season. If students miss more than one class during that time participation in the recital will not be possible. Exceptions will only be allowed if previous arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Good and regular attendance is expected. Students cannot achieve their goals with out consistent attendance. Jody's school of Dancing has the right to remove a student from a class as a result of poor attendance.

Parental Observation

The studio waiting area has an observation TV to allow parents to view class. The Observation TV will be turned on at the director's discretion. Parents are invited to observe finished routines during Peek Week. Peek Week takes place the last week of scheduled classes before the recital. Visitors may view finished routines the last ten minutes of class. Please arrange for babysitters on these days as small children can be very distracting to those dancing and watching.

Inclement Weather

In the event of stormy weather, kindly call the studio #781-396-8180, a half-hour before your scheduled class. There will be a recording if classes are cancelled. Public School cancellation does NOT necessarily mean that dance classes will be cancelled. Class cancellations will be sent out by email, listed on our Facebook page and sent through Remind101.

Waiting Area

Our Waiting Area is solely for the use of our students. Please do not bring friends to wait between classes as there is not enough room. Valuables should be brought into the dancing rooms with the students. Please bring small snacks only into our waiting area. Full meals should be eaten at home. No fried foods or open containers allowed in waiting area. Please bring closed water bottles. Jody's School of Dancing is not liable for any lost or stolen item left in any area of the studio.

Drop off and pick up: There will be a $20 charge for students not picked up after 15 minutes of the end of dance class. This also applies to students dropped off more than 15 minutes before start time of class. We are not responsible for students in our waiting area.


Payment Plans for 2023-2024 season

Registration Fee
Yearly registration fee is $20 per student is due at registration. Registration fees are non refundable

Option #1 Autopay Billing

Auto Pay Billing

Our season is divided into 4 tuition payments with a costume deposit per class due December 1st. Payment #1 is due at Registration. Payment #2 is due November 1st. Payment #3 is Due February 1st and Payment #4 is due April 1st.

Tuition is the same rate for in-person and Virtual Classes.

We apply the tuition payment to your credit or debit card on the dates listed above. If you choose to UN-enroll you must notify us in writing before the next payment is due to avoid charges on your card. Costume deposits can be split into multiple payments but are due in full by December 1st.

Costume Deposits will be Auto deducted on December 1st. If you choose not to dance in the recital you must inform us in writing before December 1st.

MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

***Option for full tuition payment:
If you choose to pay your tuition in full you will receive an additional 10% off tuition for the season. Payment must be made by cash or check only to receive discount. Please follow the Cash or check Tuition chart to calculate yearly tuition or call the studio for your discounted rate.

Auto Pay Tuition Prices:

Classes per week:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Payment #1 due 9/1: $150 $230 $278 $330 $378 $425
Payment #2 due 11/1: $150 $230 $278 $330 $378 $425
Payment #3 due 2/1: $150 $230 $278 $330 $378 $425
Payment #4 due 4/1: $150 $230 $278 $330 $378 $425
Costume deposit due 12/1: $85 $170 $255 $340 $425 $510

Tuition Agreement:
I understand to keep my child in class, tuition will be charged on 9/1, 11/1, 2/1 and 4/1 to my debit/credit card on file along with any outstanding balances. If I choose to UN-enroll my child, it is my responsibility to inform the office in writing before the next payment is due.

To enroll in the Auto Payment plan you must fill out a form and submit it to the office.

If not enrolled in the Auto Pay Option you may make your 4 payments plus costume deposit by Cash or check on the due dates listed. A $25 NSF fee will be charged for all returned checks. Once a check is returned to us cash payments only will be accepted for the remainder of the season. A $10 late fee is charged 7 days after payment is due and an additional $10 for the next 7 days past due.

Tuition is the same rate for in-person and Virtual Classes.

Payments can be left in our payment box or mailed to:

Jody’s School Of Dancing
407 Rear
Mystic Ave
Medford, Ma 02155

Option #2 Cash or Check

Cash or Check Tuition Payments:

Classes per week:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Payment #1 due 9/1: $145 $225 $273 $325 $373 $420
Payment #2 due 11/1: $145 $225 $273 $325 $373 $420
Payment #3 due 2/1: $145 $225 $273 $325 $373 $420
Payment #4 due 4/1: $145 $225 $273 $325 $373 $420
Costume deposit due 12/1: $85 $170 $255 $340 $425 $510

Students are not allowed to attend class if payments are not up to date. Students may return once all past due balances are paid. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

Dance Season:

Our Dance Season will run from September to late May or Early June.  The Recital will be held in Late May or early June.

Costume Deposit:

Costume deposit refunds will not be given after December 1st.

A $75 costume deposit per class is due December 1st.

Jody’s School Of Dancing
407 Rear
Mystic Ave
Medford, Ma 02155




Any checks returned by a bank will be charged an additional $25.00 service fee which must be paid before the end of that calendar month.




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